Colt Day of the Dead 1911 Stainless


Colt Day of the Dead 1911 Stainless

Caliber: 38 Super Auto
Capacity 9+1
Barrel Length: 5″
UPC #: 098289112309
Item #: O1911C-SS38-DOD

Colt Day of the Dead 1911

One of 500 limited edition 1911’s inspired by Mexican folk art to celebrate a national holiday that originated over 2,000 years ago. Colt’s stainless 1911 slide is etched with traditional day of the dead art designs and symbols, as well as a gold inlaid rampant Colt and serpentine colt logo. The custom Pearlite grips feature gold rampant Colt medallions and stainless hex screws.


  • Item number O1911C-SS38-DOD
  • Colt stainless 1911 classic in 38 Super Auto with a 5″ barrel
  • DOD serial number prefix to celebrate Dia de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead
  • Folk art motif engraving on slide with select gold inlay colt logo and pony
  • Custom black pearlite grips with gold pony medallion and stainless hex screw
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Discover the Best Colt M1911 Models: Where to Buy and What to Look For

The Colt M1911, a .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol, has been a cornerstone of firepower since its introduction in 1911. Designed by John Browning to meet the US military’s demand for a more powerful self-loading pistol, it quickly became a staple in the armories of the US Army, Navy, and Marine Corps, experiencing extensive usage throughout World War I. Today, not just in the military, the M1911 is revered among civilian users and law enforcement agencies like the LAPD and the FBI for its unmatched reliability and simplicity in maintenance, making it a top choice for those seeking dependable firearms.

In navigating the world of Colt M1911s, enthusiasts and buyers must consider various factors such as the model types, including the revered Python, Cobra, and King Cobra, and where to find authentic Colt revolvers for sale. Our journey will explore not only where to purchase these iconic models, especially the full-auto M1911 variants at but also key tips on what to look for and safety considerations to keep in mind, ensuring a seamless experience for those passionate about owning a piece of firearm history.

Understanding the Different Types Colt M1911

Understanding the Different Types of Colt M1911

When delving into the diverse world of Colt M1911 models, we encounter a fascinating array of options, each tailored for specific needs and preferences. Let’s break down the key variations:

  1. Model Variations and Features
    • The original M1911, developed by John Moses Browning, is revered for its robust design and historical significance in the U.S. military since 1911.
    • The M1991A1 represents a modernized version of the Government Model, enhancing user experience with updated features.
    • For those seeking advanced combat features, the Colt M45A1 CQBP offers a modern combat pistol design, preferred by tactical professionals.
  2. Choosing the Right Size and Caliber
    • The Government model features a 5” barrel, ideal for those preferring a full-sized pistol.
    • The Commander model offers a slightly shorter barrel at 4.25”, balancing compactness with firepower, available in steel or aluminum (Lightweight Commander).
    • The Officer model, introduced in 1985, provides a more compact size with a 3.5” barrel, suitable for concealed carry.
  3. Special Features Across Models
    • Series 70 and Series 80 variations differ primarily in their safety mechanisms, with the Series 80 incorporating a firing pin block for enhanced safety.
    • The introduction of scalloping around the trigger guard and an elongated tang in newer models helps reduce discomfort and hammer bite, respectively.
  4. Capacity and Material Choices
    • Depending on the model, capacity ranges from 6+1 in the smaller Officer’s ACP to 9+1 in the 9mm versions of the Government and Commander models.
    • Frame materials vary from durable steel to lightweight aluminum, influencing the handgun’s weight and handling characteristics.

By understanding these variations, we can better appreciate the Colt M1911’s adaptability and enduring legacy in the firearms community. Whether you’re a collector or a tactical user, there’s a Colt M1911 that meets your criteria, combining historical significance with modern advancements.

Factors to Consider When Buying a colt m1911

Set Your Budget

  1. Price Range: The cost of a Colt M1911 can vary significantly, starting from $700 and escalating to $3000 or more. The price depends largely on the model, its condition, and any customizations it might have.

New vs. Used

  1. New Colt M1911: Opting for a new model might be pricier but comes with warranties and the assurance of a gun in pristine condition.
  2. Used Colt M1911: A used model could be more budget-friendly; however, it might require additional maintenance or repairs.

Seller Evaluation

  1. Reputation: Always check the seller’s reputation, whether it’s a store or an individual, to ensure reliability.
  2. Trusted Dealers: Purchasing from a licensed firearms dealer guarantees the legality of the transaction and offers additional buyer protections.

Inspection and Legalities

  1. Inspect the Firearm: Look for signs of wear, damage, or unauthorized modifications that could impact the firearm’s performance or safety.
  2. Legal Requirements: Make sure you comply with all local and federal laws applicable to firearm purchases and ownership.

Customization and Training

  1. Customization: Consider if you want to customize your M1911 to suit personal preferences or specific needs.
  2. Safety Training: Invest in proper training to ensure safe handling and effective use of your new firearm.

Technical Checks

  1. Slide and Frame Condition: Check for any signs of wear, cracks, or damage that could affect functionality.
  2. Barrel and Bushing: Ensure the barrel fits properly and the barrel bushing is tight to maintain accuracy.
  3. Magazine Quality: Opt for high-quality magazines to avoid malfunctions.

Additional Considerations

  1. Reliability and Quality: Assess the overall reliability, quality of components, and whether the price point matches your expectations.
  2. Advice for Beginners: First-time buyers should look for a 1911 with a moderate slide to frame fit—neither too loose nor too tight.
  3. Recommended Models: Some models to consider include the Tisas 1911 Carry, Girsan MC1911 S Noel, Springfield Armory 1911 TRP, and Wilson Combat CQB Elite 9mm.

Where to Find colt m1911 for sale online

Exclusive Online Platforms for Colt M1911

For enthusiasts eager to own a piece of firearm history, finding a Colt M1911 online can be an exciting endeavor. Here are some of the top sources:

    • Special Editions: proudly offers limited editions like the “USA 1911” Full Auto Colt M1911, with only 1,475 units available.
    • Collector’s Choice: Among these, the first 25 units are exquisite “Gold Medal Editions,” hand-engraved for uniqueness.
    • Features: These pistols boast a .45 Auto caliber, Series 70 firing system, and a national match barrel, with aesthetic enhancements like polished royal blue slide flats and a precision checked front strap.
    • Supporting a Cause: Each purchase contributes to the USA Shooting Team, thanks to a partnership between Colt, Pete Single, and Talo Distributors.he world of Colt M1911s, enthusiasts and buyers must consider various factors such as the model types, including the revered Python, Cobra, and King Cobra, and where to find authentic Colt revolvers for sale
  2. Auction Sites and Collectors’ Markets
    • Renowned Auctions: Sites like Invaluable and Rock Island Auction Company are treasure troves for rare finds, including various Colt M1911 models.
    • Local and Online Dealers: Collectors should also consider contacting local firearm dealers to inquire about special editions available through TALO distributors.

By exploring these platforms, enthusiasts can discover a range of Colt M1911 pistols, from exclusive limited editions to widely sought-after models, each offering a unique piece of firearm heritage. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a new enthusiast, these sources provide ample opportunities to acquire a Colt M1911 that meets your needs and preferences.

Full Auto colt m 1911 for sale online at

At, we take pride in offering exclusive, full-auto Colt M1911 models that cater to both collectors and shooting enthusiasts alike. Our selection includes highly sought-after limited editions that are not only a testament to the enduring legacy of the Colt M1911 but also serve as a piece of American history.

Limited Edition Full Auto M1911

  1. Exclusivity and Craftsmanship: Each full-auto M1911 available on our site is part of a meticulously crafted series, ensuring that every piece is unique. These models feature custom engravings and finishes that enhance their collectible value.
  2. Performance and Precision: Known for their reliability and precision, these full-auto M1911s are engineered to offer superior performance. Whether for competitive shooting or adding to a collection, these firearms meet the highest standards of quality.
  3. Investment Potential: Investing in a limited edition full-auto Colt M1911 from is not just about owning a firearm; it’s about investing in a piece of craftsmanship that appreciates over time.

Special Features

  • Collector’s Items: Our full-auto M1911s often come with certificates of authenticity, making them perfect for collectors.
  • Enhanced Specifications: These pistols are equipped with features like a national match barrel and a Series 70 firing system, which are highly coveted by firearm enthusiasts.

Supporting a Cause

  • Contribution to USA Shooting Team: With every purchase of a full-auto M1911 from our collection, a portion of the proceeds is donated to the USA Shooting Team, supporting American athletes in international shooting competitions.

By choosing for purchasing a full-auto Colt M1911, you are not only acquiring a superior firearm but also contributing to the heritage and future of shooting sports in the United States.

Tips for Purchasing a colt 1911

When seeking to purchase a Colt M1911, it’s essential to focus on specific features that characterize an authentic and desirable firearm. Here are some critical tips to guide you through the selection process:

Essential Features to Check

  1. Two-Tone Magazine: Look for a two-tone mag, a highly sought-after feature among Colt M1911 enthusiasts. These magazines can be a bit pricey but are worth the investment for their authenticity and performance.
  2. Trigger and Slide Stop Details:
    • Long Trigger: Ensure the gun has a long trigger, which is the correct specification for this model.
    • Undercut Slide Stop: The slide stop should be undercut, a detail that contributes to the firearm’s ergonomic handling.
  3. Safety and Housing:
    • Machine Marks on Safety: Examine the safety for machine marks, which can indicate the quality of craftsmanship.
    • Flat Main Spring Housing: The main spring housing should be flat, aligning with traditional design standards.
  4. Additional Authentic Features:
    • Lanyard Loop: A lanyard loop is a beneficial feature, adding to the pistol’s historical accuracy and functionality.
    • Double Diamond Checkered Grips: The grips should be double diamond checkered, typical of the 1918 period models, adding to the authenticity and grip quality.

Verification and Maintenance Checks

  • Serial Number Verification: Always check the serial number on Colt’s official website to confirm if it’s an army surplus Colt M1911, ensuring its authenticity and historical value.
  • Color Consistency: Inspect for any differences in color between the frame and the slide, which can indicate repairs or replacements.
  • Finish and Barrel Inspection:
    • Finish Wear Marks: Assess the finish wear marks to understand the firearm’s usage history.
    • Barrel Markings: Check the barrel for appropriate marks that correlate with the year of manufacture, confirming the gun’s age and originality.

Additional Considerations

  • Magazine Quality: Opt for high-quality magazines to prevent feeding issues. Various brands manufacture reliable magazines suitable for the Colt M1911.
  • Holster Options: Consider one of the six best 1911 holsters available, including belt holsters, shoulder holsters, and IWB, which cater to different carrying preferences.

By following these tips and focusing on the detailed features and verifications listed, you are more likely to secure a Colt M1911 that meets both collector standards and functional needs, enhancing your firearm collection or personal defense arsenal.

Safety Considerations When Using a colt m1911

Perform Regular Safety Checks

To ensure the safe operation of your Colt M1911, perform these essential safety checks regularly:

  1. Thumb Safety Check: Verify that the thumb safety is operational.
  2. Grip Safety Check: Ensure the grip safety properly engages and disengages.
  3. Disconnector Check: Test the disconnector for proper function to prevent accidental discharges.
  4. Half-Cock Notch Check: Inspect the half-cock notch to confirm it’s preventing the hammer from falling.
  5. Firing Pin Safety Check: For Series-80 models, check the firing pin safety to ensure it blocks the firing pin unless the trigger is fully depressed.

Handling and Usage

When handling your Colt M1911, always adhere to these guidelines to maintain safety:

  • Directional Awareness: Always keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction, such as downrange or at the ground.
  • Unloaded When Not in Use: Confirm the firearm is unloaded when not actively in use by removing the magazine, locking the slide back, and visually and physically checking the chamber.
  • Proper Ammunition: Use only the correct caliber and type of ammunition for your firearm to avoid malfunctions and potential damage.

Maintenance and Storage

Maintaining and storing your Colt M1911 correctly is crucial for its longevity and safe operation:

  • Regular Cleaning and Maintenance: Keep your firearm in optimal condition by regularly cleaning and maintaining it, which ensures reliability and functionality.
  • Secure Storage: Store your firearm in a locked safe or cabinet to prevent unauthorized access and use.

Comprehensive Training and Practices

Enhance your safety and proficiency with the Colt M1911 by following these practices:

  • Proper Training: Only use the firearm if you are adequately trained and possess the necessary knowledge and skills for safe handling and operation.
  • Practice Safe Handling: Regularly practice drawing and holstering your M1911 to develop muscle memory and safe handling habits.
  • Weapon Retention Awareness: Be aware of the weapon retention benefits provided by the cocked-and-locked carry, especially in situations where there might be a struggle over the gun.

By adhering to these safety considerations, users of the Colt M1911 can enjoy the reliability and historical significance of this iconic firearm while ensuring safety for themselves and others around them.


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